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Core Gameplay

Step 1. Build global CDCs & factories


Building Center of Disease Control (CDCs) in countries is the primary way of obtaining funding for the program to fight the virus.  Build more factories allows you to produce more antidotes and cures.

Step 2. Monitor and manage international traffic


Disease spreads through traffic routes between countries.  Monitoring and banning a traffic route, when necessary, would allow you to prevent the spreading of the virus.

Step 3. Scan for new epidemic and outbreaks


Each week, new countries will be infected with the Blight virus.  It's no surprise that the infection will only get worse and accelerate as time goes on...

Step 4. Select a type of virus to research


There are 4 types of the Blight virus, each with their unique characteristics, rate of mutation, and complexity.  Due to having limited resources, which one should you focus on first?

Step 5. Defeat and profile the virus in the lab


Face the virus head-on during the Research Lab phase and eliminate the virus on a molecular level before your test subject dies.  Buy powerful equipment and upgrade your lab to even the odds!  You'll need it!

Step 6. Manufacture and distribute the cure


After having successfully defeated the virus in the Lab, you can manufacture antidotes and need to choose which countries get them.  Your scientists will also demand them, which are required to develop the "Ultimate Cure". 

Step 7. Explore the game's intricate storyline


Explore the game's intricate storyline, which will be triggered as time goes on or certain event happens.  Your performance throughout the game will matter.  WIth 5 different endings, each game is guaranteed to be different!

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