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This is where you monitor and keep the global epidemic in check. You do this by building research centers, garnering financial support from different countries, managing international traffic, and handling the production of cures.
Core Features:
1. Monitor the spread of the Blight epidemic

On the world map, a country's glowing color shows its infection severity status and which type of the Blight virus it has been infected with (4 types in total).   You lose the game if too many people are infected.


2. Keep global determination high

Having a high global determination allows you to repeat failed virus research.  When a virus outbreak occurs, however, it will drop.  You'd lose the game if it ever reaches zero.  

3. Build centers of disease control in countries

When you build the center of disease control in a country, you show your commitment to fighting the epidemic there and it will start to provide you weekly income.  Richer countries will provide more.

4. Obtain powerful continent bonus

Continent Bonus is acquired when you have built research centers on all countries on a certain continent. Different continents provide different bonuses and can be a game-changer when used wisely.

5. Ban traffic to stop the spread of the virus

Banning a traffic route would allow you to prevent spreading of infection, in case of an outbreak, between the 2 countries sharing that route. However, it would also impact the economy.

6. Expand pharmacentical factories

Every antidote you produce takes a certain amount of factory space to produce.  Expand your factory so you can manufacture more antidotes and cures.

7. Determine whom to save first

When you have manufactured the antidotes, you can distribute them to countries to immediately lower their infection severity.  

8. Develop the Ultimate Cure

Producing antidotes is not enough, as they only make things better for a time.  To win the game, you need to contribute resources to develop the Ultimate Cure for all 4 types of the Blight virus.  

Global Command Center Phase

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