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Tackling virus directly on a molecular level by successfully matching antiviral protein balls with the virus molecule of the same color before your test subject dies. You can buy a wide variety of equipment to increase the odds in your favor or heal your patient.
Core Features:
1. Pick to research a particular type of virus

There are 4 types of Blight virus, each with its particular quirks and traits.  Some mutates faster, while another may do more damage to a particular body organ.

2. Choose a test subject (patient)

Choose a patient with unique body health conditions.  Weaker patients would make it more challenging to solve the virus with, however they reward greater genetic data when you defeat the virus.

3. Study the structure of the virus molecules

All viral molecules are composed of differnet molecules and linked together differently.  The more complex and longer these links are, the harder it is to defeat them. 

4. Roll the Genodisk for the protein balls needed

In each cycle, you can attempt to defeat a virus molecule chain by rolling for the proper protein balls on the Genodisk, matching the colors of the virus molecules in the chain. 

5. Eliminate a virus molecule chain

When you successfully match a virus molecule chain with protein balls, all the links connecting the molecules will be destroyed.  Additionally, Research Points also will be rewarded for buying powerful items from the Store.

6. Watch out for failed experiment

Every time you roll the Genodisk, there's a probability that some protein balls will go bad and become unavailable to use until the next cycle.  Bad proteins cause the virus to either mutate or harm the patient. 

7. Monitor test subject's health status

You must defeat the virus before the patient dies.  Depending on its composition, a virus will do various damages to a patient based on how his body condition is configured.

8. Buy powerful equipment to fight tough virus

Items are useful for giving you more protein balls to roll with, increasing the odds of your roll, healing your patient, preventing virus mutations, and so much more!

9. Upgrade and install research lab add-ons

Lab Add-ons allow you to benefit from the effects of equipment for the entire session, unlike items which are just for one-time use. Add-ons can be installed as long as the there is enough Lab Funding to cover its cost.

10. Defeat the virus and extract its genetic data

The better the job you did at defeating the virus, the more genetic data you extract from it.  Getting more genetic data from a virus not only levels you up faster but also makes it cheaper to produce the cures. 

Virus Research Lab Phase

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