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Cure Blight App Game

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Background Story


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Welcome to the game, "Blight", in which you will be the Director of the Global Center of Disease Control to fight a raging Blight epidemic that threatens humanity. It is a game of resource and risk management. There are always several ways you can allocate your resources, such as determining which virus molecule combos to go for, which countries to invest in, or how to allocate the cures you've manufactured.  The game will force you to make tough decisions constantly.


Besides fighting the epidemic on a global scale and the virus itself in the lab environment, you will also discover the origin of the Blight virus and uncover sinister plot that threatens the entire world.  As the manner in which the epidemic spreads and virus mutates are random, coupled with constant decision-making and multiple endings to the story, each game is guaranteed to be different!


Fight the Epidemic on the Global Scale

During the Global Command Center Phase, you will monitor and control the epidemic from a global perspective: building research centers, garnering financial support from different countries, managing international traffic, and handling the production of the cure.

Cure the Virus on a Micro Scale

During the Virus Research Lab Phase, you will tackle the virus directly by solving a molecular puzzle game, which are randomly generated each time.  As the game goes on, the virus molecules will mutate to become more complex, and you can buy a wide variety of equipment to increase the odds in your favor and heal your test subjects.

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